it goes by the name of superb

Quiz: Do you know what renowned auto mobile connoisseur Andy myself chose for his new company car?

A Skoda. Yes. Really. No one held a gun to my head. No, there is no need to adjust the picture.

And do you know what? It’s an automatic…

Before you think I’ve gone old and soft and sold my country, this is actually a pretty fancy car. For one, it’s a Skoda Superb – and it is rather swell, if not supersuperb. Did you know – of course you did – that the Superb is the flagship Skoda? Hmm. I felt funny using “flagship” in the same sentence as “Skoda”… man, it sure is a brave new world out there.
Flagship starship, this cruiser is the biggest of them all, in fact, when I have Scarlett riding in the back, I have to use a megaphone to get her attention. It’s a little house in there. The Superb is made for chilling in the huge back, command someone something. “Jeffrey, take me to the airport“.

The automatic issue. Well, this is no old man’s shuffle-o-matic. It’s got seven speeds and two clutches. DSG, look it up on the web. It’s magic. Shifts like a velvet carpet, and faster than a blink. Frankly, I now feel stupid for resisting slushboxes for so long… why shift yourself when you can have it taken care of? It’s not like a go around Mugello every day – and besides, I have two red vehicles in the garage that see to my darker urges. So there. Happy as a clam, smug as a bug.

Skoda. I like Skoda. Suck on that bonbon, you. I did treat myself a little, tho; my Superb is rolling on 18in wheels, lowered suspension, and motivated by turbo supercharger power…

… and suited in platinum grey;

The real shocker is, I could have plumped for an Alfa Romeo 159. But this one is better. And as an added bonus, no one can call me a badge snob anymore. Ha!

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