my new hobby

After my motorcycle accident, I thought I was forced to give up all sports forever. Bah. That clearly wouldn’t do it for me! If you have the ability to bite your teeth together, you will come up with alternative solutions. So I did.

Now, with my pride and a heavy prejudice against boring sports, I was never going to start bowling. Instead, you find me walking on water…

To make a short story even shorter, I got bit by the windsurfing bullet the previous summer, when I stepped up, fell off, and noticed that a) this is difficult and b) I must must must master it!

So, once this summer came around, I was sort of prepared. First of all, a business friend of mine had the old classic Windsurfing International by Ten Cate lying about, not in use. The topic happened to come up at a meeting. He thought I should have it. I was overwhelmed by the generosity.

Soon, I was riding the waves on my own free windsurfer. Did I mention it was for free? It was for free.

Yeah, I still suck. My everhurting wooden ankles do not help. But I have a great time pulling up the sail! And once in awhile I catch the wind and go so faaaast I must scream.

During those last days of summer I did get something of a hang of it, if I dare say so myself. Maybe not. As fall fell right into summer – or perhaps the cold stone of Paavo – I was still testing my fancy new Rip Curl wetsuit all the time.

Äh. When you fall, you get up. And repeat. Off you go. Gently now.

Woo! Look at that guy down there, hanging way back and looking all Miami…

Fun’s over. Mark my words – next summer there shall be no mocking! I’m serious about this sport. I’m stubborn like a donkey and I never give anything up. Come the end of next season, I intend to surf like Robbie Naish on speed.

And then I’ll send a postcard to the doctors who didn’t know if I was ever going to walk again…

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