bye bye winter goodbye

It now seems as though spring has finally broken out of winter’s belly. There are still huge mountains of white junk everywhere, but the tulips are beginning to peek out, and the roads are dry enough to thumb the start button on the Ducati. Chugga chugga chuuuu!

This winter lasted for half a year. Half a bleeding year! What the muck? Just to twitch the blade in my mind, it was colder, and snowed more than ever. Vicious torture. I hate winter. I hate cold and snow.

Yet, when I look back, we all seemed not only to survive, but to blossom;

Mr. Snowman, the biggest baddest dude in town.

Scarlett celebrated her second birthday with a bag full of foodies. It was an intro to her considerably bigger christmas gift to come.

Illustration of concentration. We all baked gingerbread cookies…

A lot of gingerbread cookies.

We ate christmas porridge at grandpa’s.

Scarlett and grandpa, they go together like a horse and carriage.

All wrapped up and ready to be whipped off…

Scarlett’s Kitchen, the best cooking in town. I eat here at least twice a day! You should taste her omelette. Divine!

Eventually, there was so much snow that it was actually hard to find places to dump it. Big hills and snow bridges started to appear all across the garden. Scarlett loved it – what a playground it became! Yeah, that little red dot in the middle, there she is.

I love seeing it melt, on the other hand. Bye bye winter goodbye. Don’t you come knocking on our door again. Or at least not until December. Maybe by then we are already looking up towards the sky, how we wonder where you are?

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