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I am on a roll…

Some of you know I work for the American/global packaging giant Sealed Air Corporation. However, did you know I love my job? I truly do. The splendid position I am in allows for a great amount of freedom and creativity – and, should you do it well, there are certain benefits to be had…

This is the big prize. As the 2010 Winning Performer of Sealed Air – tadaa – they are sending me and Madli on an all-inclusive (I mean ALL) ultraluxury holiday to Palm Beach. And not just to any old hotel, but to the finest in Florida and one of the best in the States, the legendary oceanfront landmark The Breakers Palm Beach (of Standard Oil legacy).

Make no mistake, I deserve this break. I’ve worked hard, and I’ve done it right. The beach and the yachts are beckoning. Palm Beach, here we come!

Oh. We’re stretching our stay on the East coast with a second week in New York. S-h-o-p-p-i-n-g!

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  1. Ooooh aaaah Florida. Su-a-weeet. My home of old, rolling ocean, whispering palm trees. But make no mistake, those gators do bite and redneck country is not far at all – not even from WPBeach. But who am I talking to? Hope you got your white jacket in the suitcase, ready to roll up the sleeves. . .

  2. Oh, and one more thing: Congrats on the winning performer award! On a not so serious note: Do make your achievement known amongst your fellow Breakers residents. Please.

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