Scarlett goes to Moomin World

For summer retrospects, look no further. Instead of bemoaning the fact that autumn is already here (how did that happen?), now, as silent rain is falling on our new (unbelievably awesome) tile roof, is the time to cosy up in front of the fireplace with summer in mind.

Scarlett loves the trolls. She’s been brought up on a diet of white fluffy aliens. So, we (and half the Japanese population) went to town…

Grandma and Scarlett, posing in front of one of the more known buildings of the world. Hint – it is blue, round, and there is lots of jam in the basement…

Hugs aplenty. We hugged them all. I mean ALL. No one, particularly the white and soft and fat kind, escaped our hug-hungry arms. A great sport! Ah, imagine a world without the Moomins. Children would grow up with Teletubbies, horrible things would ensue.

Dad trying Moominpappa’s hat. It is a tad big. But superbly stylish.

Many adventure novels have been created on Moominpappa’s old writing machine. Here’s another one in the making. Keys were pounded in passion. Oh, this will be one of those you can’t put down.

Hat testing continued; the Moominmaiden classic was made for Scarlett.

Ahoy me Scallywags, rascals and people from Turku. Captain Scarlett at the rudder. Sadly the ship is anchored… or we’d be in the Caribbean by now.

Every girl and woman and bra-burning being is Lilla My. But I’ve got the real one.

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