a delightful assortment of summer

Whowhatwhy, I’m still in summer mode. I live in blank denial. I feel yesterday’s rays. The remains of the summer day, the green, the blue, the glow, the hue… abandon me not.

Me and Scarlett gave mamma Madli a cherry tree for mother’s day. Che-che-che-che-che-che-cheeeerry pie.

There is spring in those steps. So much spring. Ah, love this picture. Soaking up early summer at the famous Hanko beach.

Sealed Air had a sales meeting on Sardinia. Choice of venue much applauded. In fact, on the way there, I spent some time in Rome. All roads lead there anyway. Rome… nowhere else is history so present. Mindbending.

Staying at Le Dune in Sardinia. Cool as a fool in a swimming pool.

Grandma-mum celebrated her 60th with a garden party in the archipelago of Nagu. Huge turnout, everybody old and young had a great time.

Scarlett stole the day, obviously. She can steal anyone’s day every day of the week with the blink of an eye. My little princess was utterly adorable in her white dress, pearl necklace and flower hat from New York, glass of bubbly (Pommac) in her hand.

In Tallinn for festival, waving the flag for liberation, cute as a kitten in traditional head gear.

Chocolate icecream. It is her vice. Tucking into melting Pappagallo with addicted passion.

In paradise, there is all of this. In July, it’s is all we do.

She swims in the sea, like a swan, like a swan-eating shark, like a walk in the park, embark embark.

Christoph and Diana in da haus! Here, Lady Di and Madli My are gutting fish. Bet you never heard “Lady Di” and “gutting fish” in the same sentence before?

Perch fillet, a delicacy bar few. We had the best of luck this year – a stock of one hundred fillets should make winter taste like summer.

Pappa in education mode: It is a fish. You remove it like this. Then you make tasty bouillabaisse.

Mamma pulling up net like she was born to do it. By now, I call her kalastajan vaimo. Scarlett and Natalie observing.

Afar, little girls in summer’s dress, playing in heaven. Happiness does not know this strange thing called sorrow.

I promised myself not to build anything this summer, while in the archipelago. Well, I lack the willpower to be lazy. Take care to note the hand imprint in the concrete of Hollywood starlet Scarlett… and from here on out, I know that every summer and every time I see that eternalized little hand for as long as life there will be a wide smile on these lips of mine.

Better stop, or I’ll get sentimental.

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