windows are round, violets are blue

For a long time it has been a romantic dream of mine to once own a house with round windows. There’s something about round windows that make me go mmm. In the old days it was the mark of a manor of some importance, properly built by skilled artisans that took great pride in their work. I feel I would have been at my happiest during the Gustavian era, but fine, let’s make the 21st Century work.

And this is what I did – despite the opposition of the city planners of this town. What I thought would be a cakewalk took half a year of begging on my bare knees to get a permit. I’ll share more some other day.


The beginning is always humble.


The shape of a round window? Well, not quite yet. But you’ll see it will make sense soon.


While opening up walls… still, after all these years, repairing the damage the old leaking steel roof had caused.


A circle? Sort of…


On the other side, in Scarlett’s room, the operation was easier. A real neat job, if I may so braggadocio!


Oh! There is a hole in the wall! Light is flooding in! Help! We’re drowing in bright light!


Behold, the one-eyed pirate house.


The finished article, and pleased as punch! Fuck I’m good.


Inside job. Filler, sanding, including the floor, and painting. Routine. The only thing I hate is cleaning up after sanding. Otherwise, I could do this all year long…


In the end, the room became Scarlett’s playroom. Lego, lots of lego! Yes, well spotted, that lamp is an Artek A331, the famous beehive, or an object of desire and hot lust.