woman and her wardrobe

A woman without a proper place for her clothes is not a happy woman. And an unhappy woman makes for a miserable man. Clearly, I should have known better than to drag it out – but I was always busy with another part of the house. Now I’m making amends in a big fashion. I really wanted to build a beautiful wardrobe for Madli, and spared no effort to create this…


The old wardrobes were dark, narrow, hard to reach and unpractical.


So I cut it out completely.


New white fresh walls, floor, and custom-built shelves out of solid wood of cooz, no junk in this trunk. And ooh, a shoe tower, too!


On the road to everything all-white, including accessories, hangers and bars and such.


Ain’t that a peach, thou? The whole room opened up. Enormous sliding doors with faceted bronze mirrors… well, Madli could not possibly be happier. But me? Well, seeing both her and her mirror image in nothing but high heels is a big bonus, but at the same time I am green with envy because in comparison my own personal wardrobe now looks like a toilet in Glasgow. Save space. This story does not end here…