south beach miami & palm beach

Luxury and pampering beckons again. Kill me I’m so sorry. First Madli and me will spend five days at South Beach Miami, where we have a gorgeous four star art deco hotel on Ocean Drive waiting. Ocean Drive! Yeah! Night life, shopping, sunshine and people spotting, looking for Sonny Crockett or Carrot Top…


Then it’s off to one of the sweetest addresses in the world; Breakers, Palm Beach. I’m picking up another Sealed Air Winning Performer award, thank you very much, I can’t tell you how much I deserve this. And since Breakers also happens to have one of the top spas in the US, massages and body scrubs are naturally the order of the day. Oh, five days of this. Yacht dinners. Scuba diving. How to stand this utter indulging! Oh! Oh!