la fée verte

Just when did absinth go out of fashion? Was it right after Moulin Rouge came out? Has the green fairy died and gone to AA?

I remember the late 90s in London, when the tipple in question became legal again… If ol’ Hemi and VanMan Gogh sucked down the green stuff, I knew I had to do it too. For the university student, there is something completely irresistible about the combination of ‘bohemian’ + ‘artist’. We were hanging out in a dark club in Soho and I was browsing the booze list, sporting the bored look of coolness, when my eyes suddenly tripped over the big A. Not a whole much later was I leaning over the counter, looking up and down the long ebony legs of the girl mixing it. I paid £10 for that one, ooh it was never as perfect. Soho night turned muddy and the cheeks went all apple.

Now, however, I have a bottle of Hill’s Absinth from Prague that has been gathering dust for years. I serve it now and then to unsuspecting guests, but I can’t seem to find people crazy enough to empty it. I invite anyone over to my place to have a go at it! No… strike ‘invite’ and replace with ‘challenge’!

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  1. Absinth did not go out of fashion. It was prohibited in 1915 (?) in France because people got crazy. (Absinthism.)
    The absinth you can find today is not the same van Gogh, de Toulouse-Lautrec and the other artists enjoyed.
    That’s why you cannot find people crazy enough to empty your bottle – it is just an ordinary drink today.
    Some day I’ll come over…

  2. Nope, nope never went out of fashion indeed… I think your friends are just chickens 🙂 . Bring your bottle over and it will be gone in an hour! Nothing is more fascinating than the burning sugar in the spoon and the whole alchemy of the process… I used to store mine in a cristal bottle I got in Prague… this is all that is left of it though.

  3. Hehe… believe me, I am under no illusions that the Hill’s crap is anywhere near the same they first cooked up in 1797… and as far as fashion goes, it is fickle. When the second coming of Absinth ( the new, legal, and boring kind ) hit the stores a few years ago, it hit a peak of fashion with the movie ‘Moulin Rouge’ by Baz Luhrmann in 2001. But since then, the soup has just not been as cool anymore. That is just the way of the Ninja Turtle…

    But, for you, my dear friends, there shall always be a fun-bottle waiting.

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