The greatest rumour of the year must be the one where Mika Häkkinen makes his F1 comeback at McLaren in 2007. Some guys here in Finland are going completely nuts, with chocolate and raisins, over this rumour. It was taken up another notch when Häkkinen did some time in the McLaren driving simulator, and then furthered even more when he passed McLaren’s medical examination. Boy, if he gets any testing time, the headlines will be bolder than Bruce Willis and blacker than Michael Jackson – the early edition.

But he will only make a comeback in Utopia, people. I bet my bony butt on it. Alain Prost may have come back at the age of 38, and won the championship in doing so, but herra Häkkinen has languished in no man’s land in DTM for two years, doing nothing but sucking in fifth place. For what it’s worth, I thought he was going to win every damn race in Don’t Tell Mama…

Ok-ok-ok, I give in just a little – my flesh may be weak, but my mind is a damn jellybean. How can I not entertain the thought of him coming back, and finding out he still has the old need for speed!? A Finn in Ferrari, a Finn in Renault, and a Finn in McLaren. Why, we could play “Find Three Finns” all season long! Salivation, salivation, and more salivation.

I was never a huge fan of the man, but Mika Häkkinen was, according to Martin Brundle, the fastest man, like EVERRR, over one lap. And that is why I salivate. And that is why I will apply for citizenship in Utopia.

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  1. Thanks for the comment – as most of my friends are all LAZY BASTARDS and I want them to BURN IN HELL for being so damn greedy with replies – wow, did I say that? Nah… as far as F1 getting boring, oh NO. Kimi in Ferrari and Heikki in Renault, why, I’d take the exact opposite stance! We don’t even need the third guy I was talking about…

  2. News: It was fun while it lasted – Lewis Hamilton, very much as expected, will be the evil Spaniard’s teammate at McLaren in 2007.

    Lewis will be faster than Carl. He is also the first black man in F1. Will he become the Tiger Woods or James Bubba Stewart of F1?

    My prediction: yes.

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