teenage adolescence; a short visit

You always remember your first time.

It never seizes to amaze me, the things you can dig up on the internet. Zum Beispiel, just recently I happened, by pure chance, to stumble upon THE defining video of the 1980s: the trashiest of eurotrash, the popcorniest of Italo disco, it can only be sultry Sabrina’s über-camp ‘Boys’. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance of downloading this treasure… chest.

You need to understand that this video made me feel all kinds of otherworldly and interplanetary urges in the 1980s – a fact I instantly and vividly remembered as I stared the 67mb file in its face. Oh, I rejoiced, heavily. Here it was, a rare opportunity to go back in time and visit my sweet adolescence over again – if not for more than 3 minutes and 47 seconds! What bliss!

The video itself is among the worst ever made, easily. But back then, as an impressionable youth of the happy-go-lucky 1980s, my one-track mind certainly didn’t notice any flaws in directing and editing. DUUH – it was all about the casting and the acting, believe you me!
Do pick it up if you can, because it is me-mo-ra-ble to the maximus. The many images of Sabrina, again and again stepping out of the very wet swimming pool, her excuse for a bikini not quite following her movements, well well Derek Bell, such are the very things you build a lad’s life on.

[[Bonus cocktail information: ‘Boys’ was banned in many European countries. Sometimes they used to show cut versions on the Top Forty Lista in Finland – talk about reasons for anarchy!]]

So, did this sensational landmark of pop history stir me up again, all grown up and living in the future – also known as the 21 century? Well, a little, admittedly, as I couldn’t close my mouth or stop smiling. Strangely enough, I never did see any hints of humour in the video in 1987.

More than that, I saw a certain young ghost… I saw the likely lad.

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  1. As your friends are lazy, I feel I must comment. The problem is, I don’t know anything about the video you talk about. Furthermore, I wasn’t a young lad in the eighties… But talk about Serge Gainsbourg and Je t’aime moi non plus back in 1969… (As far as I remember you alreday did!)

    Signed, Hemingway II

  2. You don’t need to know the video – teenage adolescence should be something even the Queen Mum of England has experienced – thus, relate-able. (In fact, I’m almost glad you don’t know the video… it may be a personal landmark, but it ain’t no international masterpiece… haha!)

    Yes, Serge and I go way back.

    Lazy they are, like snakes on ice! YOU, on the other hand, are positively prolific! You run your OWN transport company in France, update your own blog daily, and comment on what must be dozens and dozens of other blogs, yet you find space in your schedule to squeeze in a sentence or two on rafaelpyton.com, without bad excuses of “lack of time”. Now, that is COMMENDABLE! I salute you!

  3. Sorry for the long silence but I was busy on the deserted beaches, on sailing boats, watching rally, boiling in spas, wine tasting (quite a lot of that actually), fine dining, etc… but now I’m back… for a week as I’m soon off to Melbourne for a conference. But after that I promise I’ll try to write more. (you guys really need to come here on holidays, nothing beats it).

  4. PS: I actually remember the Sabrina video and most of my male friends drooling on the TV set and me wondering… why ohhhh why…don’t I have bigger breasts.

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