You must see this. But I hope you haven’t just eaten, or is just about to eat. The excerpt goes like:

Today, to the day, it has been two years since motorcycle boy came tumbling down from outer space. And landing hard.
By publishing these pictures, I celebrate my second life. I’ve been very blessed, because man is usually restricted to one only

Can you guess what kind of pictures? Then, sit up straight, make sure you have a bucket by your side, and click on The Pyton Horror Picture Show!

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65 thoughts on “unpretty”

  1. Strange, or maybe not. I could smell the hospital looking at the pictures. I still do, and hope the smell will go away. But it lingers on.

  2. Yep, just got up from the floor, still dizzy… I had two think twice before I opened the page, I am very sensitive to injury pictures, I even look away when watching E.R. (Tuho-osasto). Those pictures really made my hair raise! You can be happy, the pictures make me feel sick..! Your foot was a real mess, its unbelievable that you can walk.

    Btw Andy, are you coming to Freds party at Saturday?

  3. Huuu, I know. My feet, particularly the right one, looked like a pies of minced meat… GUH. Really, it was f… horrible, and it’s nothing short of a miracle, in my mind, that my feet still work.

    Btb, I am indeed!! Are you coming – that would be a blast! I thought you guys were in Sweden, obviously? [But I may go to another potentially wet party in Helsinki on Friday, so I hope I have a little dry powder left for Saturday…]

  4. No, we’re making an exception this year and we’ll be there on Saturday! They don’t celebrate Pikkujoulu here in Sweden, so we have five years of glögg drinking to catch up..! 🙂 So be sure that you are in shape also on Saturday!!!

  5. I’ve seen some of the pictures before on your mobile, nonetheless the scale of your injuries is still difficult to comprehend. The fact you are now able to take a walk, is a proof of sheer stubborness, aka sisu in Finland.

    Btw, I am coming to Finland for xmas, hope to see you during the festive season.

  6. Well, damn great, R! I’ll see you in Helsinki on Saturday! Fred’s place is going to be totally cramped…

    Yessir Kaljami, ‘sisu’. That is a superb word, without equal in the world’s dictionary. And I sure as hell did my outmost and best to live up to it – there is simply and absolutely nothing else I could have done, so I have to be happy with it… yet.. well.. what can you do?
    [Speaking of this, tomorrow comes another visit to Tölö hospital – xrays and possibly the booking of a couple of operations… the last ones for a long time, I hope.]

    Of course we should meet and catch up again! And we will!

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