who is the greediest man in Finland?

Mikael Lilius, Fortum President and CEO.

Who is the most humiliated man in Finland?

Mikael Lilius, Fortum President and CEO.

[I am rollickin’ n’ frolickin’ in Schadenfreude. The little people have spoken, and for once the big man had to bend over and take it from behind. Normally, on a daily basis, it is the other way around; BUT THIS only happens once in a thousand years, so enjoy it! Live it! Love it!]

21 thoughts on “who is the greediest man in Finland?”

  1. The man should be electrocuted. On a second thought, frying the bastard would be a waste of tax payers’ money, given the price of electricity.

  2. HAHAHAHA! The joke of the day! Electrifying! I do volts! You buzz me up, K!

    Indeed, the chair is too good for him, but I can think of many other pleasingly painful ways of… “demotivating”… his heart.

  3. Do you call him Mike? Jesus… well, completely RIDICULOUS and UNREASONABLE stock OPTIONS, to the tune of unheard amounts, to start with… he’s been cashing in on millions and millions, just by leading an energy company – let’s face it, just how hard is it to make good results in energy these days, with the energy prices being what they are? Dammit – has anyone seen the prices on oil lately? Why does that always coincide with oil companies making record profits!!! Come on, people! Put two and two together!
    NOT CONTENT with that, last week Fortum decided to HIKE UP prices ten percent in Finland (15% in Espoo, where they recently bought the city’s power plant, and promised no increases!!) – at a time when energy prices were finally FALLING!!! Well, FUCK IT, the usually silently suffering Finnish people shouted, and flocked to CHANGE energy distributor – forcing Fortum to BACKTRACK on their price hike – of course, using incredibly lousy excuses insteading of admitting facts.
    Fortum may be doing better than ever, but that is only due to the energy market. I’ve never ever seen a worse industry leader than Lucky Lilius, who’d sell his mother if he thought he could make a buck on it. He has become the face of relentless GREED, and I LOATH his ugly opportunism.

    [I’d call for state intervention… but it so happens that they own Fortum… state is scared of big industry, anyway… and what does our spineless and useless President do? Nothing. Just as she’s always done. Nothing.]

    Ah! It was an utter pleasure to write this comment. I have performed civic and social duty, and I will sleep soundly tonight.

  4. I wouldn’t care even if you went to school with Adolf Hitler, hpy. However, do you happen to have any dirt on Mike The Price Hike? Any drunken anti-social behaviour resulting in violence and/or nakedness? Pictures would be a great bonus! I’d dearly like to trash him some more…

    Yep, R, right now in plenty of räkäläs in Finnish suburbia, stereotypes are sharpened and strengthened over watery pints of beer. Business as usual, in other words. Haha!

  5. If there are any pictures they may still be in Hesa. Maybe in the cellar. (There was some partying…)
    As for svenskatalande battre folk – I never liked those whose father, or brother, or mother, or sister, or uncle, or aunt, or grandfather or or or had addertton seggelbattar. But you were never invited on any of them. But all svenskatalande are not like thattt! And it has nothing to do with the language you speak. You find them everywhere.
    Yes, I’ll still have a look in my old albums some day. Maybe there is something to find. Hehe!

  6. Hmm, strange that swedish-hating Ilta-Sanomat hasn’t written anything about this Lilius case, at least not on their internet site. I read it first here on Andys blog.

    No, not all svenskatalande are bättre folk. But unfortunately those who stand out in the media and in the streets of Helsinki are just like Lilius&co (praaaaattaaaaar sÃ¥ högt pÃ¥ staaan). If all swedish speking Finns would be like us, discussing in silence on a blog on internet, then there wouldn’t be so much evil eyes on us in Finland.

  7. Andy’s blog is at the ultimate forefront of the warfront, as usual. Hehe! Well, seriously, I don’t think there is a language issue here, but it could be turned into one OH-SO-EASILY – and yes, I am also quite surprised that for example Ilta-Sanomat hasn’t picked up on it… because I could see it very quickly reaching ridiculous proportions!!!
    I can only imagine how a little fanning of flames would boost the Ilta-Sanomien levikki… well, just a tiny spark could be enough, really.

    Maybe it’s a good thing only my friends know about this blog… it’s the best kept secret on the internet – at least it keeps the idiots at bay.

    [Indeed, hpy, you need to go through the albums! There is always someone with a camera there, when you least expect it… and such party pictures could be in your photo albums right now…]

  8. Do not think you can hide in cyberspace, as there is at least one Finnish speaking Finn perusing your blog on a regular basis!

  9. Hehe… brother Kaljami, you have the power to blow everything wide open! [But I’d be just as happy to provide you with a burning match, myself…]

    [Aha, hpy. Think back – you will remember that Lilius WAS in fact THERE – and I bet HE was the one who stole your film? Ah, conspiratory conclusions, they’re the best.]

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