the unbearable lightness of the cow fart

Sometimes you feel like a pinball, going back and forth and up and down, every hit a slap to your head. Badabing badabong… you know the song – present in the shape of 5 cents about climate change, the personal demon of this planet.
Those who research this subject are called scientists. But there is nothing scientific about the research results: a zillion of different opinions scattered like my sneeze particles. While one argues that climate change is a huge scam by ecoterrorists, another one states clear evidence of the next ice age, rapidly approaching. What am I supposed to do? Go into a blazing panic, or sit back and… chill?
Let’s assume for a second that there is some sort of climate change going on. Certainly it would be pretty nifty to have some idea of what the devil is causing all the fizzle? Well, count my damn sneeze particles again. That is how many different theories there are. Hope all that talk is not just… warm air? I’d really want to start believing in something concrete soon enough, otherwise it may all just turn into religion.

In the beautiful meantime, listen to the release of methane on a field near you…

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