quirky; my favorite adjective

My unbridled love of Captain Cousteau’s amazing underwater adventures is well known in the buroughs I move in, and it has manifested itself in many of my friends recommending the movie The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou [2004] to me. And I listen to my friends – on occasion, anyway.

So, after paying attention, I bought said film this summer on dvd, but as so many times when there are exceptionally high anticipations riding along, I wait for the stars to align just right before I can endulge freely. That was last Sunday – and had I written a film report late that Sunday evening it would have resulted in GODs and exclamation marks… let’s see if I can stay more level-headed now, half a week later.

GAWD, I LOVE THIS FILM!!! Sorry. There are still some outbursts left bubbling – I am an emotional dude, and I tend to (let myself) get caught up in the moment in a big way. GAWD, I LOVE THIS FILM!!! Sorry. But I do extract the most from films this way…

Interestingly, this remarkable film received mixed reviews when it was released 2 years ago. Some think it is plain odd. Not me, because I call it quirky, and I use this word in the most positive and best way possible. Quirky as in charming, wonderful, ingenious, creative, fantastic, witty, original, sparkling, humorous, clever, jocular… ah, I should buy a Synonym Dictionary, so I could go on and on and on and on and on. Not off.

I have always rated director Wes Anderson, proof being The Royal Tenenbaums [2001] in my tallish dvd pile, but until now, I would have used quirky in a lesser way about good Wes. Now, I’m convinced he’s a genious. Rushmore [1998] is next on my must-see Wes Anderson list.

I derail. Deep breath, back under water. The actors, “Oooh!”, I fawn. About Bill Murray, what can you say? Is he the greatest actor alive right now? Shit yeah! And what about Willem Dafoe, as Klaus, iiiih hiii iii he made me laugh like a hyena. Owen Wilson is great, Cate Blanchett, ditto, Anjelica Huston as well, even Jeff Goldblum, forever the fly.
It’s simply a complete and hysterical brain party to watch this movie, and it is filled to the brim with totally crazy plot twists and madcap ideas – without falling apart on its own brilliance.

Why stop there when you can have the soundtrack? There are actually two soundtracks, if you are on the move – like me, who downloaded them instantly. Ever heard what David Bowie sounds like in Portuguese? Neither did I, but Seu Jorge’s tunes are a match made in heaven. Moreover, Seu Jorge actually has an amusing role in the movie, as the laid-back guitarman Pelé who sings Bowie in Portuguese all the time…

As I said, QUIRKY. Perfectly. I think I’m still laughing and crying.

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