he’s back

Backer than the backest back, blacker than the blackest black, my bestest imaginary friend in the whole wide world, how I missed you! Oh how I missed you! Can you, from that sentence, tell that I’m on the verge of fucking fainting from the giddiest druggiest diggiest most devilish dr. feelgood feeling I’ve ever experienced since I saw Bond on the big screen for the first time as a young kid and said to myself, assuredly, now there is possibly the only guy I’d ever switch lives with…

And he is yet again, and more importantly, still, the only guy I’d want to switch lives with. It’s been a long time coming, but as I’ve suffered from a ten-year black-out that started from Goldeneye’s Irish prick and ended today 22.22, I can just say that, hello. Hello. Hello! We are returning to the surface! We see light, we feel breath, we taste life. And hey, peach, cherry, and applepie, whoever cooked this one up is a general, because that’s how many stars I see.

As from now, I strike ten years from my life, and start afresh. I’m twentytwo, how about you?

And there I was, afraid that they had turned Bond into an action hero without class, afraid that he was the new GI Joe gung fucking ho. I feared for my life, thought the final nail to the coffin had been shot, package sealed and caterpillared deep underground. And there I was again, rising from the rubble through the Venetian window to the sky, whooping hard enough to break blood vessels.
Daniel Craig is the new Sean Connery. Wreak havoc, baby, wreak havoc on everything and everyone!

One should not allow me to write posts in this feverish frame of mind and heartpumping celebration. But one is never there to shackle me and my bleeding fingertips. They just keep on running like I’ve got ten, eleven counting the brain, twelve counting the cock, minds of my own, and everyone wants to find space for punch, punch, punch. My whole body is a platform for pukingly pugilistic extensions. Watch my shadow on the white wonder wall, unh unh unh!

Right now, nothing else matters than these four words that came right at the end of the credits to Casino Royale…

James Bond will return.

9 thoughts on “he’s back”

  1. Well, you were exactly right, even if you have yet to see it! And so was everyone else, who praised it. You were all SO RIGHT.

    It is the rarest thing, for a movie to actually surpass great expectations, particularly when it’s a Bond movie – even today, after sleeping on it, I see my wildly bursting post as completely and totally levelheaded and accurate!

  2. After your review I had to go see the movie (finally). And yes, it was really good, best ever! Good to see Bond almost loosing it, making mistakes. More of that, please! The first fighting scene… Excellent!

    They were definetly going in wrong direction with Brosnan as Bond. I havent seen the two last Brosnan-Bond movies (I have tried but failed…) but now I’m hooked. Thank you mr Craig! Cant wait for the next movie. How many movies has Craig contract for?

  3. Mr. R likes a Bond movie! I’ll be damned… Finland wins the Eurovision song contest and now THIS!!! All in one year!

    According to Wikipedia Craig’s got a 3-film contract, so at least 2 more. But I don’t think they will let go of him after that, if the films are successful.

  4. Way to go, R! Gawd, what a great rush that movie gave me…

    Bond mojo runnin’!

    Yes, I spit on Brosnan. And crossmyheartandhopetodie, I certainly hope they keep Craig until he’s 75 years old, or as old as Roger Moore was in A View To A Kill – which probably was 75, actually, hihi!

  5. What a man! Daniel Craig is just the best James Bond EVEEEER. And What a first pursuit scene! It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. And how handsome…

  6. Ah, Emilie fell in love, too. I’ve yet to hear a negative word about this movie – apart from the Ford Mondeo-sequence, of course – yes, they really got their act together this time!
    Yeah, first action scene is relentless! And then, to think that a card game can be this exciting, halle halle lujah!

  7. I agree with Ms. E. – Daniel Craig rules.

    Yesterday I looked at some old photos of Sean Connery & Roger Moore.. and they made me laugh!

    Daniel Craig is the real Meeester Bond.

    And yes, I hated the Ford scene too, but I forgot it quickly when he received his old Aston. And again when he received the new one.

    Two thumbs up!… at least.

    Did I mention it’s a NZ director as well? Same guy that did Golden Eye… he did an excellent job too.

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