travis is elvis

I was talking, praying and hoping about this some months ago. My polished crystal ball head has once again shone bright…

Subaru Rally Team USA press release

(December 13, 2006) – Subaru Rally Team USA (SRT-USA) announced today that it will enter its 23 year-old star rally driver, Travis Pastrana, in select World Rally Championship events in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Pastrana, in only his second season of rallying won the 2006 Rally America National Championship, becoming the youngest ever American champion. In addition to defending his Rally America title in 2007, Pastrana will drive a Subaru Impreza WRX STI–based rally car in three World Rally Championship (WRC) events in the Group N class. Then in 2008 and 2009 SRT-USA will officially enter Pastrana in the Production World Rally Championship (P-WRC), a support series that runs concurrent with the top tier World Rally Championship.

Yes, everybody’s favorite motocrosser, the Wonder Boy, is coming along to singlehandedly save WRC. Gosh golly, I have a feeling rallying will never be the same – and for the way better. Now, all I need is a little bit – a few years – of patience to watch him crash, crash, crash… and crash, and then finally bloom. Although I shamefully doubt he will ever have the speed of monsieur Loeb or one of them incredible Flying Finns, I know that he will, symbolically, die trying. Believe me, this is one buddy who is not afraid to go über-fast in a car…



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  1. Good news! Too bad he’s driving P-WRC (group N) and if he is going to step up to WRC it probably will be with Subaru…

  2. Yeah, I know – but it might be just as well – altho Wonder Boy is extremely talented in just about everything that goes fast, going to WRC too soon would be like throwing him to a couple of wolves called Bosse and Sebastian. Right now, they would tear him apart.
    (I also think P-WRC will become a more important class in the future.)

    But in due time, in due time… rally is a freaky sport: it’s for old people only (over 25, that is), and Travis has plenty of time to mature like a good cheese.

    This also leaves ample time for Subaru to get their lousy act together. (First step would naturally be to kick Aussie Atkinson the hell out, and replace him with the Gardemeister, but that’s a whole other story…)

  3. ANOTHER THING: Watch Race Of Champions and Race Of Nations on Eurosport, Saturday(today) & Sunday Night!

    Yup, Travis Pastrana will be there… among Grönholm and Kovalainen et the rest of al.

  4. Yep, watched it. Heikki delivered again, Bosse didn’t….:) Busy night for Travis, he did good! Conditions were far from perfect, the show wasn’t that good.

  5. In my mind, Heikki was fastest of them all. Pity he lost out to Ekstr̦m Рwhat a ridiculously small margin that was Рbut major kudos for the Swede beating Loeb in the Citroen WRC car.
    Yeah, Bosse wasn’t on it. In fact, he was all over the track.

    I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Travis. Man, singlehandedly taking the US to the final, what about that?! Dude’s got game, as they say.

    I know – I kinda preferred the race when it was back on gravel and on the Canary Islands – the Paris race is a lousy trial show compared to a flatout motocross race.

    (Nice Aston Martins this year, though…)

  6. Gawd… I seem to miss out on the best things – any idea whether there are going to be re-runs on Eurosport over the holiday season? I wannna see Astons, I wanna see Ekström! No… I wanna drive Astons, I wanna be Ekström – cause then I get to date Tina Thörner. And I’d call myself Ike.

  7. Not sure, Ike, since 99% of Eurosport usually consist of endless reruns of some lousy football game that took place about 3 years ago, or a snooker tournament, or an “exciting” game of curling.
    One needs to be on the absolute top of his game if one wants to see motorsport on Eurosport. I was almost surprised they showed the RoC! This channel has truly fallen from grace – I wish I had access to Eurosport2!

    Tina Thörner – don’t we like that name, though? Hoho. I love parents with a sense of humour…

    Sing with me!


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