[menial] task force

Cleaning toilets, mopping floors, dusting and busting, all in the name of baby Jesus. At least there is the Christmas dinner to look forward to – which I is why I just spent hours pulling the skin of hundreds of tiny filets of Baltic herring. Yes, a big bowl of garlic Baltic herring will be fiercely attacked, elbows out, come Sunday dinner time.
And have I ever done so much gravlax – salmon, trout and whitefish – like this year? I think not – to think that raw spiced fish can be this good! Oh, I will cram until I resemble the shape of something round.

I even ventured out into the frosty forest for the first time in two years to find the perfect Christmas tree. It’s not easy to walk in the forest with these chronically aching ankles of mine, but it was well worth it, as me and lil bro proudly returned with a mean green sprouting thing.

Well, I’m probably not even halfway yet, so I better stop writing and get going again. Just remember, soft Christmas packages can be good too… [not!]

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  1. I can imagine, because it is a godsend – you and DD are hereby cordially invited to The Pyy-In-Finland Christmas table – I made more than enough garlic Baltic herring for everyone.

    Attempt at temptation: Lots of cute tiny rolls of succulent filets, drenched in marinade, covered by plenty of onion rings. Mmmmm!

    Air France – surprise me!

  2. Christmas: 2-3 hectic weeks; buying presents, kinkkua, fish, the lot. Coordinating work with school holidays. Driving around to friends, family and the post-office (don´t forget to send them x-mas cards). Then the D-day: all you can do is WAIT (like in the army: HURRY UP to WAIT). All are bored, “when will Santa be here?” is heard every five minutes.

    Then at last there is the FOOD! There goes a couple of hours. Then after a loooong day there´s some noise and knocking outside – SANTA!

    The presents are opened in an hour. The coffee is drunk in a half. The guests leaves, the house is a mess and Christmas is over.

    I love Christmas, but thank God it’s a year to next one.

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