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My favorite Santa Claus – he has the same name as I do – bought me a very nice present this year. In fact, it just may be one of the nicest things this guy ever got for me. It is certainly one of the coolest. [Or should I say küühlest?]

It was delivered yesterday, but since Christmas is not until Sunday, I can’t unveil the splendid indisch rot surface yet – but I will go so far as to offer you a taste of the sheetmetal in form of clues. If you can unwrap this mystery, you will know what it is.

[Oh, it hurts, the restraint I must muster! Oh! Ah!]

It is most absolutely negatively positively not a soft package. It is also too big to wrap in gift paper, so this magnificent beast is sleeping on the driveway as I write. This contemporary classic was built in Zuffenhausen, Germany, in 1985.

By now, some of you – most likely anoraks of the male persuasion – may be more hot than cold. But let’s throw in some more coal and bring the rest of yous into the warmth; the holy brand name starts with a P.

And if you add the three numerical letters of the model moniker, they amount to 17

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  1. Ha ha! I know, I know, I know what it is. Though I must say that I’m quite surprised. Could have guessed that Mr. Spaghetti Racer himself would have bought a red GTV or something like that. But hey – a German car is a German car. And indeed I recognize your love for this particular brand as well. Can´t wait to feel it on “Backgrändvägen”!

  2. Hehe! Well done – and since you confirmed by text message, I have to believe you! [Of course, it’s not the hardest riddle for a guy in da know..]

    Yeah, if you want to drive and drive HARD, a frail ol’ Italian is out of the question, no matter how much I like to look at them. Besides, this particular German brand is on top of my love list every single time…

    Woooeee – you can bet your bottom a test ride is coming!!!

  3. Guess you can’t wait for some real cold times so you can take that rear wheel driver out on the ice!

    Compared to the Italian beauties there’s a couple of good things about the German engineering: 1) the present you got yourself will start 2) the present is rear wheel drive 3) the present looks good even if it is (or is not) red 4) the present is “warm” even up north 5) if you turn right with the present, even the blinker shows it 6) ..tjaa.. it’s a “17”…

  4. You betcha! I’m definitely zooming in on that ice track near your house… altho I’ll have to be rather careful with the front spoiler… I also have to admit I will be buying friction tires, not studded ones. The rear ones are 255/40-17, and studded tires of similar sizes are wildly expensive or even nonexistant…

    Excellent points there. Yes, I know we both come from the school of “black cars, or black cars”, but this is actually one of I wanted in red – Guards Red, of course. It better accentuates the butch/busty wheel arches – man, they’re PHAT!

    Hehe: The only thing better than a “17” is the “11”… altho I could easily see myself in a “23” on the way there…

  5. Nine and four and four… fantastisch. I’m laughing at my fellow Deutschländers who still – though less than a couple of years ago – call it the Hausfrauen-Porsche. Ha! Sit down, be quiet. You don’t know. About driving. About engineering. About those 80s looks.

    Andy, I envy you. And now show us some pictures!!!

  6. Yep, it’s the real deal, alright. For those of us who know, the 944 will outhandle an old 911 through a slalom course, then flip it the bird.
    [Obviously, the neun-elf is – always has been, always will be – the holy grail when it comes to Porsche ownership, but… maybe later.]
    Oh yeah, I adore that butch look too. It’s packing pure muscle ohne fat.

    Pics on the way, bud! I just snapped a bundle, actually. But I must tell the story of ‘road trip’ first…

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