kandy-kolored tangerine-flake streamline baby

Tom Wolfe would have said so. But I will, for once, let the pictures do the talking. Ah, happiness equals a red sportster…








PS: Winter tyres have been ordered. But could not wait. Impossible. I-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e. Took it out on the road today. Wooohooo. W-o-o-o-h-o-o-o. Times two. Times three. Times trillion. Thing flies like the bat out of hell!!!

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  1. You did what!!? You took the car for a spin today and I was there drooling at he car yesterday..! Godammit, Andy! I will never forgive you!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Yep, I can confirm that the car looks as good in real life as in those pictures. Really good looking 85:er. But how clean is IAA-944 after your drive today?

  2. So very SORRY, matey. I tried to wait, but I just couldn’t take it any longer!!! This red thing occupied my every waking thought – and most of my nocturnal dreams too! I had to. And I plea temporary insanity.

    Look me up the next time you’re in town. I promise you a pants-wetting ride!

    Still clean, actually. It was drying up – freezing up in places – but the conditions were drivable, and I ripped up the tarmac like never before. A few nice peek-out-the-sidewindows moments, but I kept ‘er on black stuff. Handles like a sweet midsummer’s dream, I might add.

    Yeah, IAA-944… what are the odds of that?! You buy a Porsche 944, and the licence plate on it says 944! I scream JAA! [Or IAA…]

  3. Happy new year, my friend! This being 2007, thus 21 years past the memorable year of 1986, I visited the CIA and they opened their 1986 archives for me. I was able to collect three vintage videos full of Zuffenhausen (well, Woking…) racing pedigree for you. 4 cyls? Tick that box.


    (My favourite moments are the 86 vid, secs 53-58 and 1min37 – 45)

    Gawd, I’m waiting for March to come…

  4. Happy new year, my friend! This is 2007 – meaning 1986 is 21 years in the past AND I was able to visit the CIA archives yesterday in order to complete the following collection of VERY secret links referring to Zuffenhausen’s four cylinder racing pedigree… enjoy! (And, if you mind, I am back in said year of 1986. Seconds 53 to 58 to be precise.)




  5. We love it! What can I say? The world peaked in 1984-86! The standard of life was never better, or more bullish. Ra-ra-ra-raw!
    I always wanted to go back. And this is, naturally, why I bought my red time capsule. This way, when I drive it, I get at least a little glimpse of how it used to be… now, if I could only – as I come around the bend – find the lady in seconds 53 to 58 – because it is immensly and furiously obvious that she is looking for me!

    [Sorry if you had trouble with the comments – they went straight to my mailbox, because they needed moderation… I have no idea why. A new New Year bug?]

    [Sadly, the 85 link is not working. Damn youtube!]

  6. Yeah, sorry for the mess. Damn, the ร‚ยด85 has to work – Piquet and Teo Fabi, I think, crash in Monte Carlo, and… well, maybe I just try one more time. I apologise in advance, if it doesn’t work, but it’s worth the effort…


    Let’s hope and pray. After all, posting links from 1986 to the year 2007 is fairly technical and difficult, especially with Mademoiselle Monaco on my lap. But while I’m here I’m trying to fix a few things concerning the future of F1. I just made sure that there are beauty contests judged by the drivers at every GP from next season on…

  7. Ha, better. Having watched it again, I’m going for Patrese instead of Teo Fabi in that bowl of thunder and lightning.

  8. Link works now.

    Ha! On your lap and in your dreams.

    Ja, that is one of the major flaws with F1 these days; no beauty contests judged by drivers. Of course, Keke must be there, as a superior judge – and preferrably drinking and smoking. Only then would the atmosphere be just right…

    Oh indeedsy: the world peaked in 84-86.

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