swedish meatheads

Last year, the police in Eskilstuna, Sweden, stopped a 23-year old man driving under the influence. The police also found he was carrying a knife. The man tried to escape by running away. The police caught up to him. There was a bit of a ruckus. The man tried to hit the police.

Later, one sued the other. And here, the particular Swedishness of it all enters the event. Lo: the 23-year old man – the violent drunk! – successfully sued the policeman for calling him a “jävla fitta“…

Candyass Sweden makes me so fucking angry. Uuuh, look, I swore too… so sue me, suckers!

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  1. I don’t think that’s only Swedish! You’re not allowed to say anything anymore that can hurt the feelings of someone – who has just decided that he can get money feeling hurt.
    The laws are, no, were made to protect innocent people. Today they are used in another way. And it’s not a better way.
    Sue me, too, when I express myself in a way you don’t like.

  2. Well… naaah… this is not OJ; this particular case is typically Jesus-Swedish. Where else would you get sued – by the violent drunken man – for swearing, while trying to avoid said drunken man’s fists?
    Hahaha… the INCREDIBLE IMAGE gets to me every time!

  3. As you attorney, I ask you:
    a) What does jävla fitta mean exactly (in German, to test you)?
    b) Did he sue for compensation or was the cop tried for the criminal offense of insulting someone after Mr Jesusson reported the incident?

  4. Drunken man + Eskilstuna + knife = a typical Finn in Sweden…:)

    Here, the worst thing that can happen is one’s integrity gets insulted. And this has happened. Being a police must be the worst job in the world, if you do nothing or do your job, all you get is shit in your hands.

  5. Ha! You may be right there, hpy.

    To my attorney: Sheisse, I don’t really know any decent and proper swearing in German at all! Verdammt! You will have to teach me. As for “jävla fitta”, it is the very sweet and wonderful “fucking cunt” in English…
    I believe the cop was tried. And I wear black, mourn the death of common sense.
    [Of course, law never was big in that department to start with, thou – if I was head judge of the world, I’d throw cases like this out on their heads… and then slap a death penalty on those who make them, just to apply precedent and zero tolerance of stupidity – ah, how’s that for common sense? Hihi.]

    In my mind, you ARE SUPPOSED TO swear a little when someone swipes at you aggressively… it is practically criminal NOT TO.

    Haha! R, you make a good point. The drunken feller probably was Finnish! But he certainly has adopted Swedish ways… if the police got sued for saying “perkele” here every time someone wields a puukko, we’d soon have very few coppers left…

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