yankee doodle

How often do you get a car for free? Never, you say? Well, littlest bro JFP [pronounced JeyEffPey – see, it has to rhyme with JFK!] just got almost six meters of American steel and chrome for just that – FREE! While it most certainly is a display of great and unbridled generosity, I’m inclined to believe he must have done something right in an earlier life.

Behold the street-blocking V8 behemoth:



Dudes and dudettes, that is how they made apple pie in Detroit in 1984!

[I wonder if my Porsche fits in the back of it?]

Anyhoo, this oil tanker goes by the name of Chevrolet Caprice Station Wagon, and it is the softest ride south of the water bed. I just want to eat jelly donuts in it every time I see it.

Rollin’, in my 5.0“… the car may be in need of a little gentle TLC right now, but the quasi-legendary message of Vanilla Ice is undoubtedly the more appropriate cap-off.

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