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Nokia’s worst nightmare turned to reality yesterday, when Apple finally released the iPhone. As for me, I think I’m releasing buying hormones.


If you know me, and have used a mobile phone by another brand than Nokia, I am very sure I have slagged it off at one point or another, most usually several times, and probably rather harshly. I was the Noksta No. 1, always defending the Finnish export, never intending to get another brand.
Easy it was, too, as the connecting people reigned supreme over second-rate quality and craftsmanship, not to mention giving everyone a lesson in classic design.

Then the King of Finland, Jorma Ollila, left the company, and now some guy called OP Coleslaw is running Nokia. Ok, that is Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo for you, but who cares – and knows? Besides, he has the look of a man permanently chewing on sour coleslaw!
Then, times two, Nokia forgot about sacred Scandinavian design. They went from sleek and timeless to Chris Bangle – bloated and tasteless.

By now, I was planning a departure. Yesterday, I saw the future.

Egosensibly, it even starts with an “i” – which must mean “me“.

[And eventually also “mine“.]

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  1. R, I have to admit I didn’t even check up any stats before I plugged it on my blog… but I still want it, and bä-ä-ädly. In my mind it is the perfect mix of technology and the cool factor.
    Besides, a 2 megapixel camera on a phone is not lousy, hahaa! GPS – nah… personally, I wouldn’t even know it is missing.
    [I have a nice Sony DSC-T3 digicam that has plenty of pixels, but I normally shoot with the 3 megapixel setting for added space… megapixels are overrated! It’s all in the wrist!]

    Why, hpy, well, why indeed? Let’s think that one through before we start comparing personas:
    Why does one buy new clothes now and then?
    Why does one alter the menu?
    Why does one do anything at all that is unnecessary?

    Whatever answer you come up with applies to a phone.

  2. I like it too, but I think I’d be happier with a tiny mp3 player and a small mobile phone… especially because it ain’t exactly cheap that new iPhone. And if you use it for playing music, you’ll end up with a dead phone fast. And when are they releasing the iPhone Nano? That might be more interesting…

  3. Mmhm – the price is slightly budgetbreaking, I admit.. yeah, I’m already in possession of the marvellously minimalistic iPod Shuffle, so I wouldn’t really need a whole lot of mp3 in the phone, but as I see it: it can’t hurt, either. [Like anyone really needs a big 4WD SUV, duh! Haha!]

    Still, the potential prospect of an iPhone Nano is most definitely a mouthwatering proposal!

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