lyttelton little town long way down

I’ll start by giving you a gentle push into kiwi mind, where sheep and mountain bikers are plentiful, and the people are as laidback as almost horizontal, where all roads cry their hearts out for the thump of a fast fourstroke, and the sun is as sharp as a blowtorch, where surf’s up everyday, and everybody surfs.

These pictures are from around Lyttelton, outside Christchurch, where my lil bro and his girlfriend live and breathe the 50-50 of mountain and ocean air. The place is as cosy as a baby’s butt clad in merino wool.

Come to me, you ample buxom of green green hills!









Ok, fun’s over. In my next post, there’ll be no more smiling whales. I got motherflippin’ Mordor on my memory card. Prepare to mount challenge to Attenborough, the National Geographic, and anyone who ever took pictures that eventually become postcards… huggah!

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  1. Hah! I should hope so – AND: I just added the last one, which I took from your veranda. Look at those pink marshmallow clouds! Very princessy! Very priceless! Very propaganda! Send it to the Lyttelton Tourist Board…

    [Thru the lense, the shot did not look quite like that at all. I’m really starting to believe that I have a MAGIC camera!]

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