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It would be SO EASY to shoot down this in a massive blaze of gasoline cynicism… I won’t. You thought I would, didn’t you? Yeah, you did! Fess up! Anyway, before you think I’m talking to myself, read this:

Honda’s 2007 F1 car will feature no commercial logos at all, replacing them with a giant image of the Earth. It is an approach that is certain to rewrite the rule book in terms of sponsorship and communication, while drawing attention to one of the greatest challenges facing the world – climate change and environmental responsibility.

In other words, Honda is going to burn insane amounts of fossil fuel running around a track, burn even massively more on flying the cars around Earth, only to remind us that it’s getting warmer out there???

Why, that is absolutely and totally……… BRILLIANT!

You have to see good where there is good. This is comparable to bored silicone wives who do charity events – in the end, when you manage to see past the lipo/botox, gold nails and Gucci dog collars, the nip-and-tuckers actually do charity. And charity is good, no matter how you twist and turn in your jealous petty rage.

F1 is not just the decadent billion-dollar pinnacle of motorsport excess, it is also about the widest finest forum of the world. What place could be better suited to take a bold stand for a good cause; a cause that is truly global? Honda is forsaking a completely ridiculous amount of Yens in sponsorship money to raise awareness, and I for one commend and applaud and go nuts with goodwill towards Honda.

Obviously, this is a masterful PR victory of sensational scope. Call it a smokescreen if you will, but I’m willing to bet that Toyota [also in F1, but renowned for their hybrid cars] is chewing the meat off their fingers right now. See, the future is green, and as long as people first and foremost associate Honda with green, Dicaprio can run around in his Toyota Prius as much as he wants; Honda has the edge. Bravo!

See you in Albert Park.

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  1. If Honda wants to save the world, then they should have announced at the car realease, that they withdraw due to climate reasons. Painting a car to remind us how fubar the Earth is doesn’t affect me at all. We get reminded of it anyway, every day. Thumbs down Honda, booh!

  2. Hehe. I expected something like that – you are perfectly right, of course. I intended to write so myself, before I changed my mind. Nothing has more sides than global warming. Toyota’s pampering to the electric people is completely at odds with their F1 team, too. Even the concept of the hybrid is utterly two-faced, as low consumption is countered by higher strain of production.

    In fact, by taking your point and applying it, Honda should not even make cars and bikes anymore. They should scrap all their factories, and start planting trees instead.

    Besides, it may not affect you and me, who already know (we think, haha!) everything about the world and the state it is in, but we have to remember that F1 reaches a WHOLE OTHER audience than Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

    I do think that it is possible to combine green with F1. This is just the first staggering/struggling step – as such, the hardest to take, and as such, one to commend.
    I’ve heard talks of CO2 caps on F1 cars… and I have to admit, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all – imagine the challenge to the engineers; I think they’d come around to relish it. Only then could F1 finally have a reasonable case for “racing improves the breed”, as that kind of technology is relevant to regular cars, and would undoubtedly trickle down in due time.

    I will be happy if Honda does well in 2007; I will go so far as to cheer them on [nah, not Rubens; he’s just boring] – but don’t for a second conjure illusions; all my love is reserved for a certain Ferrari driven in anger by Flash Gordon from Finland…

  3. Nevermind that this brilliant goodwill-boosting publicity stunt by Honda is nothing but smoke and mirrors, it proves that F1 does not operate in vitro. The world opinion counts.

    BTW, I read an interesting piece of gossip saying F1 cars will switch to ethanol fuel in 2009. Imagine, both the drivers, especially the certain Ferrari driver, and the cars fuelled by alcohol.

  4. Man, I rarely have to look up words, but “in vitro” did indeed stump me for a short moment. I really should’ve known better… Thank you and well done. As a bonus, now I know more about test tube babies, too…

    Yes, ethanol. A tall kippis for that. You know, I tried to order a double shot of ethanol at the bar last Saturday night, but the chick tending the bar couldn’t find the bottle. Damn her.

    Of course, ethanol – or the new oil, as I like to call it – may not be a conclusive solution to nasty CO2, as I hear the production of ethanol releases a lot of them carbon dioxides, but hey… ethanol means horsepower. And there is only one thing that’s better than a lot of horsepower: even more horsepower!

    Oh, you just gotta love booze.

  5. R, that must be the only cool Peugeot in a decade of Pug bewilderment. Sounds sweet, too, can’t believe it’s butter… uh, mean diesel!
    Sure, why not? But you need huge engines – in comparison to the current 2.4L – to go fast. It could be entertaining to watch, though. Can imagine the massive waves of torque would provide excellent drifting power…

    Kudos, Kaljami!

  6. By the byline, buddy Kaljami – wish we could go to the Geneva Show this year, too – I hear the doors to the Palexpo open tomorrow – but unfortunately I am not making it down to die Schweiz this time. Next year, awrajt?

  7. UUuuuuuugly!!!!!!!!! Not sure if it’s going to work for Honda. Although I give them credit for trying something different.

    But it’s a pure PR stunt by some outside company, not even by Honda themselves. And it’s quite easy for another car company to pretend that they’re even more “earth” friendly by not competing in F1!

    But the thing that bothers me the most is that the car is so DAMN ugly!

  8. Yeah, far too much detail [Earth is full of contours and crevices]… it might look decent enough up close, but from a distance, going around a track really fast, coming at you from the wrong side of the screen, well, it will probably look like a ton of seagull shit on a blue car.

    Wehell, I have already provided about all the pro-arguments I can muster. Green + F1 = hard nut. Let’s just settle for this: there are twenty-ish F1 cars in the world. Boofuckinghulabaloo to anyone who can get upset about that, compared to the amount of people they provide entertainment for. And a big tip of my hat to anyone who has the cojones to use such a forum for such blatant “manipulation”. It’s the perfect coup!

    It matters extremely little that some outside PR company thought it up – that is always the case anyway: car companies make cars, PR companies make PR – I care little about what firm or which spin doctor – what matters is that Honda was clever enough to jump the train first.

    Yep, ugly. At least there is some thought to it. The new Renault, on the other hand, is plain ugly. [It won’t bother me, though, when Kovis kicks ass in it].

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