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I’ve been watching this ridiculous farce unfold in perfect amazement for quite some time already, and I still expect someone to shout April’s Fool any day now. Being a white male from the Western world, highly educated and on top of that, a complete atheist, I feel like I live on the moon. Or Pluto. I wish I could understand why a few cartoons can cause people to boycott butter and burn flags and utter threats of suicide bombs. Doesn’t it sound surreal? But no-ho-no, it is cold hard reality. Damnation and despair, I really try to understand, I do, I really do.

Lack of respect? Holy tabu? Forbidden territory according to the Book? Please help me understand!

No, I’m from Pluto, where this sort of behaviour is deemed absurd. My personal Freud says it is a deep-rooted fear of upheaval of the controlled society. On planet Pluto we prefer Danish democracy over “Chinese democracy”.
Oh, don’t worry about the Danish economy – I hear the export of Danish flags is rocketing….

I will end my monologue with this simple question to which no one apparently has an answer: “Why can’t we all just get along?”

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  1. Det finns andra som ar ungefar lika galna.

    Domstolen i Frankrike har forbjudit en reklam dar Leonardo da Vincis tavla Nattvarden statt som modell. Kyrkan (den kristna, alltsa) ansag reklamen omoralisk och underligt nog vann den. Reklamen drogs bort.

    Hur lange far vi annu tanka fritt utan att nagon kommer och sager att vi tanker fel?

    (Is it allowed to comment in Swedish?)

  2. Visst, svenska gÃ¥r likväl. But as usual I’ll stick to the universal language in my reply. And what I want to say to this is that religion, no matter which one, is opium for the people!!! This ongoing brainwash is making me furious!!! It is the 21st century, and people should know better. Whatever happened to “common sense” – now that should be a religion…

  3. There are days when I wish I lived on Pluto… or in my own universe. My own planet, my own philosophy, my own religion. And it’s holiest rule, not to be broken, is to caricature me. I insist. I do not wear a turban, though, so you’ll have find other places for the bomb.

  4. Hmm, i thought you knew better, religion to some is like a wife, career or sporting heroes to you, but probably 100 times more, do not speak ill of it…

  5. I don’t, which is why I wrote “please help me understand”. It is obviously easy to see that religion is a supertouchy subject – the world has been shaped accordingly – but I certainly don’t pretend to understand why all of this is happening. There are huge psychological factors involved, and they are far beyond my grasp.
    Freedom of speech is not ultimate; there are limits such as racism, personal insults, and sure, religion too. But what we are talking about here is a cartoon, a satire, and I have a really hard time drawing the lines from cartoon to chaos, and the ensuing rhetoric. That does not seem healthy to me.

    Be well aware of this: I do not understand the concept of religion per se – ie, all sorts of religion. Furthermore, I am sick and tired of having to treat it like it is hot porridge – while it seems impossible, it would be interesting to discuss it. The good AND the bad.

    Nothing is all good. Law of the universe.

  6. Splendid article, my friend. I think I pretty much got the gist of it in my last comment above, but for extra meat on the bones, well worth a read.

    However, I must emphasize that it is the extreme end of the reactions that I don’t understand. That is just insanely scary and completely unacceptable.

  7. Wasn’t there some problems with the publishing of jewish jokes (on the net?) a year ago in Finland?
    You shall not tell jokes about your friends or enemies, neither shall you make drawings of anybody except politicians.
    And you shall not do that everywhere…

  8. I can’t remember… but the world is full of tight-asses… jews, muslims, myself, it doesn’t matter… everyone is bound to suck a pea up their nose now and then, some more than the other. And then there are those who have their freaking nose full of freaking peas.

    So someone gets insulted? Boohoo. Nobody ever said the world was fair.

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