A certain statue in Tallinn represents freedom – but what kind of freedom, and who would you choose? Pest und cholera; Hitler or Stalin?

While chatting with my favorite Estonian, I came to realize something. Almost a third of the population in Estonia is Russian. Quite; A THIRD!

I certainly know what my famous professor at The Centre For The Study Of Democracy would have said. See, he was the first – yes, first – to predict the banana split of the Soviet Union on grounds of multitudes of ethnical diversity. Nationalism, he would have started… Indeed, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Israel

Just scaring you. Just leaving a trail of open questions and insinuations. Still, food for thought: 1991 has long since passed – the Russian third is clearly not going anywhere.

This means that people will have to “get along“. And we all know how well people are at doing that…

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