Sarkozy just snacked on a Royal with cheese. And if you ask me, he is precisely what France needs after ages of socialist tomfoolery. And if you ask me, a promise to crack down on crime is always an election winner. And if you ask me, French trade unions make me roll my eyes. And if you ask me, I get a strange urge to utter something xenophobic now, but I’m too smart to fall into that pit of fire and snakes. Or…

Come on, Sarko! Bring out the Kärcher!

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  1. Sarko Fasco! Sarko Fasco! Sarko Fasco!

    What do you know about France anyway? I don’t know much, but he sure seems like the most arrogant person ever! And he does think a bit too much about himself, comparing himself to Napoleon and so on…

  2. What I know about France? That is a tricky question. Do you want me to make a list? Or is it just a derogatory remark? Yeah, probably the latter… well, I get too few of those, anyway.

    Treehuggers hate Sarko, sure. But I fancy I have a reasonable grasp of real-politik, and I believe that a bit of radical change might do France a whole lotta good. Let’s see… 35 hour weeks are a joke. EU has come to standstill, and Sarkozy holds the key [EU consitutional issues]. Transatlantic relations will improve dramatically. Crime is despicable – can you honestly say it is a bad idea to turn the screws on second-time offenders? Whenever was safety on the streets not important? I’ve seen the suburbs in Paris – they used to be glorious. And I don’t think I’m crazy when I believe that Sarkozy stands a far better chance than another socialist to improve unemployment figures, not to mention the economy as a whole.

    Sure, the idiots will burn some cars. But, people who burn cars are idiots – wouldn’t you agree?

    Sure, he is arrogant. But he is a good bastard. A righteous bastard. A tough bastard. And running a country is a damn ugly & dirty job – the majority of France have confirmed that Sarko is the right guy for this job.

    Now, counter. Your own, de-influenced opinion, please.

  3. Yes!!! It is with great and unabashed pleasures I watch socialist Europe go down in flames. Just as in Finland, the socialists need to take a very long and deep look in the mirror. They need new ideas – remember New Labour?

    Reinvention is the daughter of defeat. (God, that sounds good!)

  4. Personally, I’m well pleased with Sarkozy’s win – nothing more entertaining than a good show from a small Frenchman… and you don’t have to go back to Monsieur Buonaparte – I’m thinking of Suzuka 1989, haha.
    Seriously though, it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride with him, I’m sure. He had to play the national card (as did Royal) big time, therefore I’m not too sure he will invest much in promoting European ideas. I’m curious where he’ll settle in terms of letting Turkey join or not – he may be drawn between the German and the English position but I’m sure he won’t be quartered.
    On national issues, I think he may even have a shot at conquering the minds of the banlieues earlier than the unionists, IF (and note how big that if is) he delivers jobs. If a good part of those who are running with the mob out of frustration right now find work, the future will look a whole lot brighter and small Nicolas will be the one who set the sun. We’ll see.

  5. Empowered to hire and fire cabinets including the prime minister, seems pretty powerful to me, at least compared to other presidents. I doubt that Sarkozy will let the chance to get heavily involved pass by. First indication I think, is the alleged nomination of his personal advisor M Fillon as prime minister.

  6. Sarko is dead against Turkey joining. [Me too, for that matter – not only is Turkey a “can of worms”, but the union is already watered down beyond belief]. Yes, naturally you play the national card in a presidential election – but he is also an advocate of the next attempt at some sort of reduced EU constitution – what that will entail is another question…
    As far as power goes, it is rather considerable. In the EU, only Cyprus has a president with more power. Sarko runs foreign policy, and should he want [and why not], he can also control domestic affairs, IF his party gets majority in parliament. [Which seems likely, as UMP is looking at about 35% in the next election…]. But hehehey, what do I know about France anyway?

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