judge dredd

Roy L. Pearson Jr. is a man I’d love to slander all the way to the slaughterhouse – was it not for the fact that he’d probably sue me for an astronomical amount. See, this man is sueing a dry-cleaning Korean family for… 65 MILLION DOLLARS FOR LOSING A PAIR OF PANTS!!!

Bang, bang! Order in the courtroom!

It comes as no surprise that this is taking place in America, land of the free, home of the blind, but what raised my eyebrows all the way to the back of my neck is the fact that dear ol’ Roy here is a JUDGE. Yes, a judge, who passes judgement onto others; someone who by all accounts should know the difference between right and wrong and the meaning of moral.

Bang, bang! Order in the courtroom!

I don’t think I ever heard anything more absurd in my life. As a caring member of the human race, I have been insanely insulted.
Then again, all evidence definitely point to Roy L. Pearson Jr. not being human at all. Probably humanoid. Perhaps hominoid. Certainly inhuman. Hopefully dehumanized.

18 thoughts on “judge dredd”

  1. Yeah, the less-than-honorable Judge Pearson sure loved his pants!


    Tack f̦r att du kommer ih̴g mig, hpy!!! 33 Рsvindlande h̦g nummer.

    1974, Classic Vintage.

  2. I just love American way of justice – eye for eye, tooth for tooth and 65 millions for a pair of soggy pants – not to mention a life for 3 petty crimes, naturally all sentences multiplied exponentially if you happen to have a wrong colour of skin.

    Anyhoo, happy birthday you old nag!

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