king of pain

Whatever you do with your life in the future, make sure you read the story ‘King of Pain’. You will find it under Pages – King of Pain. It is over 8000 words long, so grab a snack, a cuppa… and some tissues. (You may need them for the part of ‘Condemnation Complete’… it is a mental minefield…).
Frankly a mindblowing tale of suffering, finally published here on in all its gory glory. It is a rewritten, remastered, much extended and much improved version of an old email I sent out to some of my friends some time ago. Now, forget that one: this is the real deal. I’ve poured out all my heartache in a bloody waterfall of pure pain, I’ve emptied the burning gastank that is my soul.
Bear in mind that it is also ultimately some sort of a success story, a kind of victory snatched from the jaws of death and defeat, as I rise from the ashes time and time again like the fucking firebird Phoenix.

A warning: although at the time it felt surreal, like I was taking part in a modern Book of Job, this is not fiction. I repeat, this is NOT fiction. It is much worse – it is reality. And it happened to me.

3 thoughts on “king of pain”

  1. Ouch! Ouch!

    I posted the king of pain story on some MX message boards and this what they said:

    “What a masterful piece of writing! I’m truly sorry to hear about his ordeal, and the fact that he was able to endure what many surely could not is a victory in itself. But man, that was one inspired piece of literature!”

    “Wow! That is an amazing yet terribly sad story. The reality of his injuries are mind blowing. I’m glad that he’s not giving up and is going to live life as it should. ”

    “if he can get a boner and a blow job he ain’t got it so bad.
    no matter how bad you think you got it…the next basturd has it worse.
    good write though…thx”

    “He has writing skills for sure. Great read.”

    “Great read. WOW! Makes me want to go riding, but slowly. Appreciate the little things about getting out and riding.”

    “That’s a crazy story! Awesome for him that he kept fighting through the whole time.”

    “Very well written and powerfull. I certainly feel for the guy.”

  2. Pretty cool, bro. I know it is hard not be moved in some or another way when you read King Of Pain; thanks for the support, moto guys, everyone. I love you all.

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