gold and death

Read in the paper today, that… some mossy Taleban has promised 100kg of gold to the one who gets there first and kills the guy who drew the insulting cartoon. As an extra addition, there is a 5 kg reward of the same yellow for everyone who kills a Danish, Norwegian or German soldier. The icing on the cake is another 100 fresh new suicide murder recruits, with mission intent of killing “those of the wrong faith”…

Seems to me, the West is not allowed to say anything, while some others in the Middle East can get away with everything. Why don’t we just roll over and die?

Yeah, I know, I know. I should know better and refrain from using harsh words???

12 thoughts on “gold and death”

  1. A friend of mine just received this email from an australian girl he used to hang out with :

    “As Salaamu alaikum my dear brother in Islam

    I am writing to let you know that Chloe is now (Alhumdullillah) happily
    married, I am Chloe’s husband and my name is Ridwan.

    This is not a joke so I would like you to stop writing to my wife, as it is a
    sin to be in contact with women in Islam unless they are your Mehrums. I do not like men to be in contact with my wife and nor would you like men to be in contact with your wife (Islam is Great)!

    May Allah guide us and forgive us



    Really if I wouldn’t know better I would think it’s a joke… but sadly it isn’t. Globalization is just making all the differences more obvious and painful.

  2. Ah, cruel… no wonder I feel like I live on Pluto most of the time… that is one jealous bastard – am I cynical or why do I suspect he hides behind his religious reasons? I also get the feeling of ownership instead of relationship – and one of those ships should not be floating…

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