function gone mal

Woke up in America. A sick loser shoots eight. I verify my geographical location by looking out the window. Finland? For real?!

Everyone is blaming the internet, I read. They are wrong. I think it was the school bullies. In my experience, it is always the school bullies. Will they ever learn a lesson? Will they never.
Anyway, it is too late to speculate; it is too late for eight, and all we can do is wipe the blood out of our minds like we always do – until it happens again. Sigh. Because it only takes one, and there is always one, and it always happens again.

Plain to see, I feel rather depressed with the way of the world today – and for all the wrong reasons. To be frank, I was not particularly shocked by this school massacre. I read the morning paper with the thousand-yard stare. I was jaded, not angry, only disappointed by the bleak history of humanity hell-bent on proving its ever-steadfast course of impossibly irrelevant destruction.
We all know what is out there, but we can never quite see it before the first shot.

Most are good, some are bad, a few are beyond repair. To those who malfunction, I have a message that most everyone wants to forward but dare not:

Go ahead, shoot yourself. But let the rest of us live.

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  1. At least I notice that I can comment again. There have been some problems… and yes, shoot yourself (not you, they) and let us live.

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