viva la revolucion

Or not. Fidel Castro is finally stepping down – not even the Comandante will live forever. Too long, perhaps, but not forever. The charismatic leader has tended the throne since 1959, surviving countless assassination attempts in the process. Frankly, most of them were merely funny. Exploding cigars… now that’s entertainment.

The Cuban population is reasonably educated and healthy. Unfortunately, that’s all. Marxist-communist romanticists can not fake the fact that almost fifty years of stubborn reign has resulted in harsh poverty and a grave lack of about everything. Really, was it not for the cheap oil from Hugo Chavez, Cuba would be standing still.

Yes, the young Fidel looked dapper in his scruffy black beard, the trademark of every guerrilla soldier hero. But do you also remember 1962? The world has never come closer to nuclear conflict since, and crazy Castro was right in the middle of it, craving best seat to watch first strike. Man, I do think I prefer Kekkonen.

In my mind, the best thing to come out of Cuba is fictional character Tony Montana.

Long live the end of the revolution. It is not quite there yet, but yesterday strode long and fast towards it. I can’t wait to see what will happen to Cuba now. Sadly, the Americans will probably buy it in the end.

69 thoughts on “viva la revolucion”

  1. No los tenemos ningun miedo = We’re not at all afraid of you.

    The whole is written in big letters not far from the Malecon.
    Viva Cuba libre!

  2. Aha, thanks. Of course, Fidel goes, Raul comes, Castro stays the same. Cuba still won’t be quite libre for some time to come. But it does make me hanker for a cocktail!

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