superhunky – we adore you!

Remember the time Al Gore ran for presidency? And won… but still lost. Hihi. Never mind the technicalities; dare I say that was a great day? I mean it. That day changed the world for ever, and not in the way you think I mean. Al Gore is the politician of all politicians – easily the biggest insult of insults that I can come up with. Therefore and without further ado, it is with a gigantic smirk on my face that I present you the one and only, the notorious… SUPERHUNKY!

Superhunky vs. Al Gore

For those of you who does not know who Superhunky is, (ie: 99,99% of you… how you disappoint me!), he was the legendary editor of the immortal Dirt Bike magazine, and I grew up reading the words he preached. Frankly, I used to laugh my t-shirt wet reading him. Superhunky, a.k.a. Rondo Talbot, a.k.a. Mr-Know-it-all, a.k.a. Rick Sieman, was also a freedom fighter in the truest sense of the definition, always sticking it to the Man, always battling the injustices of the Law. Few have done more for the dirt-rider-without-name than Superhunky, and I am proud to be a rebel soldier of his tribe.

Rick now lives and rides in Baja, Mexico, where tequila is cheap, and dirt bikes are loved. On occasion he still sticks it to dorks like Gore. And I adooooore him for all I’m worth!

2 thoughts on “superhunky – we adore you!”

  1. I suppose mpy is part of the 0,01%.

    And I admit that I must disappoint you! But motorbiking is not my cup of tea, even though I used to look at moto cross films in the cellar when I was a little girl (with your dad and his motorbiking friends, of course).

    I very much liked when the boys ran the films backwards. And I still like the smell of the engines.

    RPY had a Jawa. But you know all that so I won’t start writing as long stories as you do. Especially not being a motorbiking fan.

  2. Actually, I think I have at least one friend apart from mpy who might know the legendary Superhunky! Not bad, I must say. But Rick Sieman is not just about bikes, but also about democracy, which is why I felt the need to share him with everyone. In my mind, he plays a vital role in American popular culture and history.
    Anything, ANYTHING, you have on Dad in connection with bikes, you need to tell me. I know a lot, but I want and need to know every little thing that I can possibly get. Gather up all your memories and write me an email! I beg you! It would mean a lot to me!

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