Gaze with grace upon the first-ever published picture of little tinywiny!


Our peewee poser is about 8 weeks old here. Basic physiology is in place, including arms and fingers. Nerve cells are forming in the brain. Eyelids cover the eyes. Breathing tubes extend to the developing lungs. All this and more in a package the size of your thumbnail!

I say, nature boggles your mind with solutions of only, only, the strangest kinds. What once was bodily fluids becomes a beating heart, and I get inspired to write nice: From next to nothing comes everything via the most intricate impossibility ever devised by no one at all.

Certainly, one does have to admit that getting your baby delivered by a stork would easily be more plausible than current method…

5 thoughts on “tinywiny”

  1. Oooooooooooooh yesss, kicking and turning like tinywiny wants to get out! You can actually see where the baby bumps the belly – not to mention feel it… magical!

  2. 🙂 Does your baby have hiccups? Maxime had the worst ones, it was so funny to feel the whole belly shaken by this little one’s hiccups! She kept having them when she came out too! Looking forward to meeting the tinywiny!

  3. Hihi. I have no idea about the hiccups, but the belly sure is stirring! A quick check on google reveals that babies do indeed often hiccup late in second trimester, or third one. I need to ask Madli if what she is feeling is hick-hick-hick…

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