spa, so spa

Proof. F1 is not a sheik’s sandbox. The sport needs to be where the passion is. And the racing will come to us all – like today! Like tadaa!

Sure, Kimi threw it away. I don’t care. It was a glorious and stubborn fight to the end, and may the best man lose. Sometimes bitter defeat tastes nearly as good as victory champagne.

Of course, there is no way you can cut a corner to get a better drive out of it in order to be able to pass your competitor in the next one. In other words, you are not allowed gain from cutting corners – hence righteous Hamilton penalty. But it changes little; the championship is still going the way of Hamilton or Massa.

Normally, I’d have given up the season by now. But we saw fire in Kimi today, and as long as it burns, I’m going to keep my hands warm. Maybe, just maybe. Well, it’s a slim just and a long maybe. Still, let me add those three dots to it, those three little black smudges that stand for open book and blank pages…

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  1. What a grand race… what a battle! If there ever was a race to prove that F1 is about the tracks, this was it. Valencia, Bahrein, Malaysia, the lot – you bore the hell out of me. Fillers, all of them. And Spa? Killer. Silverstone? Killer. Come on, Bernie, you musta seen that. No sheik will ever be able to emulate a wet Eau Rouge because there’s no goddamn rain in the f***ing desert (excuse me French, I was in a rugged country over the weekend). And no hills for that matter. Sanddunes don’t count.

    Oh, and don’t even get me started on daddy’s boy. What a twat. If there ever was a deserved penalty, there it is. he cut the corner, for chrissake. And passed. And had he braked properly, he would have thrown the car away.

    Like Kimi did. But he battled nobly. And we were saying the exact same things last year. Maybe, just maybe. I’m dreaming of Monza. Variante Ascari. Music in my ears.

  2. In response, and repose, I can only shout “yes yes yes!” You speak consistent truth, and nothing but. That just happens to be my favorite language.

    If F1 always was like this, people would drink less.

    Did you know that there was one – 1 – single overtaking during the whole Valencia GP? For 13th place. Contrast never earned its name better. May Spa live forever, or as long as I’m alive, whichever comes first.

  3. I sat through a terribly boring film called Blueberry Nights when the football game was on yesterday – but I got steady sms updates from a friend. Sensational joy was always followed by eruptions of D’OHs as the Germans kept coming back. Intense. But I’m not going to say “This time we might just make it all the way”… because when it comes to football, Finland is balls, not has balls.

  4. Well, I liked those looks of defiance on the faces of the blond rugged men, the determination to win. The Germans were well happy with the draw afterwards. It seems Finland really is a bogey team for Germany, since all they got in the campaign for Asia 2002 were draws as well. If Finland don’t blow it against the likes of Azerbaijan and Wales, there is a distant shot at second place and the playoffs… and then it’s all down to the ladyluck of the draw. But it’s still early on, we’ll see what happens. I wondered while watching if Jocke was in the stadium, possibly even wearing his black, red and gold hausschuhe, haha…

    Did you hear the forecast: rain and thunderstorms in sunny Monza on the weekend…

  5. Hahaha! Taking into account that our mutual friend has the very peculiar habit of raising the GERMAN flag at his summerhouse here in Finland, one could very well assume he was there… and probably not too quiet, either.

    Agh. Rain. Well, I like rain. The Ham now thinks he is unbeatable in rain, so it would be nice to take him down a peg or two.

    Of course, when I drive home my new mo’sickle from Tallinn tomorrow, I’m going to pray for sunshine so hard I might bust a vein in my head.

  6. Sunshine, sunshine reggae… I’m shuffling my office chair – may be I shouldn’t though, because the rain has come to Frankfurt, and it looks like it wants to stay. So you should have the all clear for the Baltic.

    Another matter, though… my mobile has finally given up the ghost, unfortunately. And the big question is – SHOULD I? SHOULD I REALLY? 450 Euro. And no, I’m not talking about the iphone.

  7. It didn’t rain. But it got dark, and before that, it got cold. I had to be lifted off the bike, because I was frozen solid. But my brain was boiling from the rush! Wooeeeeeeee!

    Nah, everyone and their dog has the iPhone. I wanted one, too, at one point. So what you got there, mister? Is that a big mobile phone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

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