the duke

And the archduke. Do allow me to present myself: Ducati Owner.

I need never again use my name. And below, the reason; the red-hot-sexiest shape you’ve ever seen and couldn’t get enough of.



Holy chromoly! You know, I pinch myself all the time. But that amazing vision really is my new bike. My bike. Mine, mine, m-m-m-m-mine!

63 thoughts on “the duke”

  1. O jaa. You know, I actually missed the whole GP today – because I was busy staging my own! Which I won…

    I’m completely hooked on V-Twin power now. This day has been so spectacularly wonderful; in seventh heaven, on cloud nine, amp up to eleven. Aah. AAH.

  2. Well, you missed ninety minutes of intense racing, and another fine example of what we talked about last week – but I suppose that really pales some what to your own adventures… you should try to get a re-run, though. Cannot remember an Italian GP with more passing moves. And don’t even get me started on Vettel…

  3. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice bike! But calling it a Duke… isn’t that a KTM? Why not call it ‘Il Duce’ instead? That’s Italian as well…

  4. Yessss – you know, even I get jealous like hell – until I remember that Il Duce is actually my own bike!!! Woooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    I hope people can’t hear me over the thunder of the v-twin, but I am actually screaming in my helmet when I ride it… how can life be this exciting!!!?

  5. Me jealous? Noooo… I got a trusty and a bit rusty Honda GB400TT myself. Went for a ride yesterday… 24 degrees & sunshine, bet you can’t beat that!!

  6. Yeah… it is so cold here, you have to break me away from the Ducati with a crowbar after I’m done with my evening ride… I wish I could go out in a tshirt and pull a wheelie a kilometer long!

    Why don’t you bring that Honda over here next summer, and we go riding together? It’s been awhile, you know…

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