father and daughter

There was no way we were going to wait until the grand entrance. We are impatient parents-to-be, and such are hard to stop. And thus, the story goes to be told and retold, the firstborn will be a GIRL, and lovelier than words, you mark mine nonetheless.

When I was young, I mean, when I was younger, and had ideas of fatherhood, I pictured a baby boy on a bike, a trike. Probably made out of orange plastic, with pedals and a horn that goes toot-toot. But I have come to realize that I only saw myself with my own dad. Dreams are of things you know. When it dawned on me that I will be the father to a daughter, it hit me, it hit me like the wind that make your eyes tear at the edges, and I knew that I could not be any happier was it a boy or a girl. And it will be a girl. I said that again, just in case you missed it. A girl made in heaven.

Yeah, you watch out now. I’ve been saving love my entire life for this. And bear with me if I sometimes go overboard; that is just me. I go overboard. Then I drown. And then I crawl back up. And do it all over again. Baby girl. Dad here. I know you want to say something. But I can’t hear you just yet. I’ll wait. We have so much to talk about, but I’ll wait. Until then.

Forgive your father for being an emotional creature. But the world is cold enough as it is. You melt mine.

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