my manolos


If shoes maketh the man, Valentino Rossi racing boots by Dainese undoubtedly maketh the motorcycle man. I put these on, and feel better about myself, the world, even everyone else in it. Then I swagger around for awhile, most likely adding a few dance steps to the mix, watch my feet move in the big mirror, mirror on the wall.

And only then do I go out riding.

Carrie Bradshaw, I get you. Furthermore, I also assume most men don’t, because I found these, the great Vale’s own boots, at the new Bike World in Espoo, where they had been for the best part of 2008, unsold, unloved. Most men, and this is another assumption, don’t have the balls to wear one boot in bright neon yellow, the other in black. Me, please. Pizazz, dazzle! Discretion is not always the better part of valor.

Famous Italian brand Dainese is not only finest haute couture, they back it up on the track and spray it down with champagne; you are feasting your eyes on the best boots on the market, bar none, that money – quite a lot of money – can buy. Inside these ultralight babies you find carbon fiber ankle braces and titanium parts. And my feet. Frankly, the thought of breaking my ankles into bits again does not appeal to me at all. I had to get these boots. There was no question about it.

Why, I strapped myself into them at the store. They fit like gloves, which is weird because they are boots. Then I walked around in them for awhile, trying to talk myself into seeing past the price tag. I’m quite good at winning arguments against myself, so I eventually prevailed, and walked up to the sales girl, fully intent on paying anything she charged me and a little on top.
But just to press my luck, I asked if they have an offer on these demo boots… and… and… and she slashed half the price off!

As I said, it takes a special kind of man to wear one bright neon yellow boot. And who’s that there at the counter? “Cough“, I coughed, “well, in that case I guess I can take them off your hands…” My smile betrayed me in the worst way, but the fact remained that I was coming home with Valentino Rossi’s boots!

You would dance too.

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