fucked over by Fortum

I’m middle class and I’ve had it! We built the world, we can take it apart!

Are you paying attention now? It has long been my opinion that speculation on the stock market is the root to, if not all, then at least 99% of all evil in the world. Once a perfectly good company goes public, all semblance to decency and goodwill is thrown out the window, and only the perverted allegiance to stockholders remain. And that is before the manipulation begin…

In truth, I was almost hoping the financial crisis would blow up like the big bad waterballoon it is. For once, I wanted to see the real criminals of this world burn in righteous fire. I wanted to see hedge fund managers leap out the windows in synchronized suicide, splatter all across Wall Street.
But lo and no – states all over the world stumbled over themselves to bail the poor billionaires out. My only comfort was the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Ha and jubilant ha.

Richard Fuld, Lehman Brother CEO, pocketed $484 million since 2000, continued to steer bonuses even as he was pleading for federal resources. Darth Vader was a rather nice chap after all, if you compare him with Richard Fuld. I feel sick just forming his name with my fingertips. Why not drop him off in a poor neighborhood, see what happens?

Tragically, we have a Richard Fuld in Finland too. He is Mikael Lilius, Fortum CEO, a disaster, a disgrace, and a pie in his face.
This is where my shoe hurts: I just received notice of the latest increase in prices. The last one came in August. All in all, the price on electricity has now gone up a fourth in one year. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like paying for his fucking sailing boat anymore. I only feel like drilling holes in it.

It is one thing to hike up the price on mink or Mercedes. But when you screw with life-essentials, we get damn angry. Did you notice how I suddenly turned to we? I’m not alone, you bonus-sucking beast. We will overthrow your golden ass and pee on your throne. This reign of greedy terror must end, and it must end sooner than now, preferably already.

Let me tell you, Cassius, you yourself are much condemned to have an itching palm.” – William Shakespeare

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