bahama mama obama panorama

The fate of the world is being decided tomorrow. Vote for change. Vote Obama. Yes, vote Obama, if only for the reason to stop that Palin woman. Vote Obama, even if some nutcase will shoot him shortly afterwards. Vote Obama, despite your inability to see the obvious. But perhaps you hate your children?

Should McCain win, I feel forced to boycott everything American. I’ll quit my job at Sealed Air. I’ll stop listening to Elvis and Bruce Springsteen. I’ll never have another slice of apple pie. I’ll trash everything Microsoft. I’ll burn my copies of On The Road. I’ll refuse Hollywood. I’ll join Al-something. I’ll call Larry Flynt. I’ll pee on the stars and stripes. I’ll write a book called The Audacity Of Hopeless.

Politik-Polis will be back with the regurgitation. In the meanwhile, go see Nailin’ Palin.

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