Oh, you have earned the stars on the banner now! My faith in the American people has truly been resurrected. No longer are you, in my book, a bunch of loud idiots with chocolate cereal for brains. You have proved to me, finally, that your definition of freedom is more than a waistband that never breaks.
Thank you, thank you, for coming to your senses. I salute your savvy with gravy. Your land is grand.

Fact is, I love the United States of America. I always have, ever since Rocky ran the steps in Philly. The way you believe that anything is possible is really rather naive, yet absolutely and perfectly intoxicating. I continue to fall for it; like it was a silly movie made by the dream factory, I have once again come away short of breath, pumping my fists and shouting WOOHOO!

Cinderella, always walk with me.

Obvious as can be, Obama is the black JFK – but don’t let it jinx him. Today I trust the world. Today I’m warm and fuzzy. Today, I am an American. Tomorrow? Well, there is always unyielding hope. Time to take the talk for a walk. But you see that sign? Watch out. Bumpy road ahead.

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