a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Shakespeare betrayed himself with that line. If words were irrelevant to him, why did he treat them so well? Why did he make them sing?

What is in a name? Only everything. Once mentioned, only nothing. But it is the gateway to your personality, and when I will be calling it out, I want a very special princess to answer.

More than anything, words are sounds to me, associations next, and only then symbols and meanings. If they don’t play well, I leave them be. This particular ability – handicap, if you will – turns even the most menial of sentences into battles with Beethoven. With that in mind, try to imagine the challenge of choosing a name for your first, your daughter, your first daughter.

Madli, my love, has her feet firmly set on the ground. Mine point to Jupiter. We aim to meet in the middle, and there we hover in strange positions. “Did you press the anti-gravity button again!?” “No, honey. I swear. I just sort of, uh, leaned against it…”

We have a list of names here. As a disclaimer, it has to be admitted that some of these suggestions are more mine than hers. No matter how much I want to name our daughter Safari, it probably is not going to happen. None of these might. One of these may. But at least we have a list.

And the nominees are:


Pray tell, what’s your favorite name in the world? I shall welcome suggestions like a door mat!

6 thoughts on “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

  1. When you see her you’ll know which name she wants… (it still took us a few days to be sure). It’s coming soon now: “bon courage” to both of you. It’s the hardest and most beautiful day ahead of you.

  2. Oh I hope you are right! I was talking to one new mother last week, and she told me it only gets harder once you have the baby in front of you, hihi.

    Thank you so much, E, for the bon courage. I wish I could take care of this birth thing so Madli wouldn’t have to do it; I’m so used to hardship in hospitals. But I know we’ll be fine. In fact, I will probably be the one who needs oxygen….!

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