live forever

Aubrey de Grey, the bearded druid of biogerontology at University of Cambridge, is an inspiration to those (like me) who thinks that life is far too short. In fact, Dr. de Gray goes so far as to predict we will soon live to be 200 to 1000 years old. This is not fiction. I repeat, this is not fiction. Better yet, this means that when you are in the early thirties, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wooohoooo! I was just feeling old yesterday; now I’m suddenly a baby.

I can almost taste the fountain of youth. Bring on the eternal life! I intend to outlive God himself!

2 thoughts on “live forever”

  1. I know you’ve seen my “Obesity – a pandemia”. Let’s meet in a couple of hundred years and see who of us had the right idea…

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