the final countdown

We had a fancy weekend in Tallinn, again. This time Shishi, my favorite interior design and decoration company, turned 10. Shishi is Madli’s longtime employer – and part-time home, I don’t mind telling you. Her very best friends also happen to co-own it.
250 of Estonia’s greatest and most gorgeous – very gorgeous – turned up for the fabulous black tie event. You could hardly take a step without the paparazzi taking a picture of it. TV was there, too. Very absurd, but rather amusing.
Since I know a fair deal of the glitzy people already, I spent the evening mingling my ass off and drinking at least 124 glasses of Moët et Chandon. From now on, I do believe I shall refuse to go to any party that does not have an army of waiters swarming around, ready to fill up the flute at the very hint of low. What can I say? I like it easy.

Yeah, I had a bit of a hangover on Saturday. But I cured it with lots of vodka at a lovely birthday party that came later that day. And then we moved on to a fashion show. Nothing like being gently intoxicated while watching telephone-pole-thin über-models sway down the catwalk. “Are they elves?”, I may have thought to myself. Haha! Yeah, I’m a firm believer in the Estonian gene pool.

And that brings me to my own beib. She showed her fist to me when I threatened to put this picture on my blog. So here she is, balancing a glass of champagne on her belly…

Obviously, the dear day is coming soon. Tomorrow? Next week? We wish we knew, but we really can’t say. I’m just counting days and crossing fingers and tripping over my feet in what can be nothing else than nervousness bordering on breakdown.
There are side effects. For some reason unknown to reason, when I put food into the fridge, I check the best-before dates, and wonder, “when that yoghurt goes bad, I might be a dad…”

My heart pounds like a jackhammer to think that I am now on constant stand-by. The waiting is killing me. I have no control. I jump when the phone rings. But when the right call finally comes, I’ll drop everything I hold, and grab the first helicopter to Tallinn and baby daughter.

3 thoughts on “the final countdown”

  1. hihihihi… great balancing act! I hope you helped her put on stockings and fasten her stilettos! Bisous to the 3 of you!

  2. Oh yes, it is like a shelf. I usually leave my car keys there… hahaha!

    She does huff and puff a lot when it is time to put on shoes, but somehow she still gets them on herself. I don’t know how she does it. Actually, she is still working a million hours a week. Sometimes I simply forget she is super-pregnant. So many women moan and complain about the smallest things… Madli can barely sleep at this stage, yet she is just fine all day. I really believe if I was the one being nine months pregnant, I would let everyone know how bloody hard life is! Hahahha.

    Bisous to the 3 of you too!

  3. The wait is over! But now the wait for pictures starts… pleeease show us your little princess!!! We’re all very happy for the 3 of you!

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