chapter one of the first book

The calender said 29.11.2008, but I knew better than that. It was genesis, and we now live in the year zero. What was before genesis? I have no idea…

Life has a new center of gravity, around which everything revolves. I’m not metaphoric here; it feels as though the map of the universe is taking new shape. The planets are creaking, the stars are burning, can’t you hear it, can’t you see it?!

It is funny that something only 49 centimeters tall and 3.36 kilograms small can throw your whole world upside down, inside out, and every which way. Here she is, real as can be, clothes mix-matched and one glove missing, wonderfully illustrating the utter orbit of my mind.

The parents, us, pappa Andy and mamma Madli, we are so happy, so proud, so happy and proud to be this lucky. Our baby daughter is a treasure of impossible measure.

Frankly, I get annoyed by the futile attempts of the English language to convey the feeling you get when your firstborn wraps her tiny fist around your finger. There is not a word on the market that I will buy for that. My brain just comes apart at its seams.

Speaking of no words… the first time I held her in my arms, she suddenly opened both her blue eyes. She tried to focus despite the horrible brightness, and found me staring right back. Our eyes met in the middle.

You don’t have to die to go to heaven. I never felt so significant in my whole life.

8 thoughts on “chapter one of the first book”

  1. Hurra och Grattis från Sverige också!!! Det är en sjuhelvetes känsla det där!

    Hälsn: the Hagströms

  2. What a cutie!!!!! Loads of bisous and courage (the first month is the hardest bit ever) but then it’s all fun and giggles!

  3. It sounded like heaven on earth even as far away as in the solitude of the blue (or rather colourful) mountains of the Carolinas – and now I see it is exactly that. I am happy for the three of you.

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