and the name is

Gimme a S, gimme a C, at the end the full name will be…


Pree-ttee, so pree-ttee! I count on you getting used to it, because I do not intend to conserve it! Starlet Scarlett has arrived! My scene is yours, sweet peas.

8 thoughts on “and the name is”

  1. A name fit for a queen! Welcome to the gang indeed! I can’t wait for next summer (in your part of the world) to get the whole rat pack together for serious play! Bisous to the 3 of you!

  2. Scarlett! And Aleksandra are both great choices. Maxime and Scarlett… just had to try the two cousins name next to each other…

  3. Hittade antligen mitt gamla password (det gick inte att fa nytt, jag har forsokt manga ganger).
    Skickade ett paket at Scarlett pa lordagen. Hoppas det kommer val fram till jul.

  4. Oh, master Torkel [+ mum] has already been to visit, during the first week in Tallinn! He was indeed again up to his old tricks – taking pictures of everything that moves… hahaha!

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