everything is illuminated

I am really ripping away today, but so what, nobody is watching the monkey juggle. To no one whatsoever, this is a another book report, this time on Jonathan Safran Foer, winner of the Guardian First Book Award 2002, with ‘Everything Is Illuminated’.
They say he is the best new writer in the world. I say he writes like he has diarrhea in his brain – that is a compliment, by the way. Off-handed, but still.

Safran Foer is one clever little Jew, the kind you very easily imagine you can imagine in your lazy mind. Neurotic, nerdy, skinny, badly dressed including fannypack, verbal like Woody Allen… but also imaginative and bold and bursting with brio and far too many ideas.
The b-b-b-book itself is a potpourri of comedy, tragedy, dashes of brilliance… and rather too much of boredom. Badabing badabong, just boring.
I am sure you can read the synopsis somewhere on the internet; I just feel that a story about searching his grandma in Ukraine is lame, no matter how well it is disguised behind brilliant language and originality. And why my o my why name a dog Sammy Davis, Junior, Junior? My teeth hurt from all the grinding.

Still, the guy is kosher, which means I can not wait until he writes something interesting. Shalom.