tiny santa

Instead of the old frightening man with a huge belly and a grey beard, we had a tiny-tiny Santa this year. She charmed us all so much so that we completely forgot to ask where she had left her gigantic bag of Christmas presents…

Uncle Johan caught her, when she dropped down the chimney! Hou hou hou and happiness!

7 thoughts on “tiny santa”

  1. Scarlett indeed looks fabulous. Johan does have to get credit for the most stylish Christmas outfit I have seen this year. God Jul!

  2. Ah, I can’t help but agree. That is easily the most adorable Santa I have ever seen, anyway.
    Well, sure he’s sporting a nice black Fred Perry, but you should have seen my tie… which I matched with orange socks…

  3. What a cutie! I’m sorry I missed the video session this morning 🙁 … but a girl sure needs her sleep (I’m sure Scarlett and Madli would agree).
    Bisous and Joyeux Noel!

  4. Oh yeah, I love that pic of Maxime. Her eyelashes are absolutely heavenly!

    No problem, E, there will be many more opportunities – as long as I can keep the ladies awake… maybe I should tickle them with a long feather? Nah, maybe not, girls become wildly dangerous if they don’t get their beauty sleep… hahah!

  5. How did I know you wouldn’t take this sitting down? Haha. . . Well, with lacking photographic support to your claim, I’ll still award Johan. But the chance for revenge is just around the corner with that little known festivity called New Year’s Eve – in case you look for me, I’ll be in sipping the bubbly in Berlin.

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